Anyong ha se yo! Welcome to my blog dedicated to Korean culture for adoptive families.

Four years ago today my husband and I saw our son’s face for the first time. He was two and half months old with a head full of hair. That photo started our adoption journey. Today that little guy who was all peaceful looking in the photo is an energetic preschooler, who loves all things Korean.

We began incorporating our son’s birth culture into our family life even before we traveled to Korea to bring him home. My husband and I, who are not Korean, began learning the language and about Korean culture about two months into our adoption journey. Since our son’s been home, Korean language, food, and holidays have been a part of his life.

When we began our journey I couldn’t find a list or compilation of any kind to help adoptive families learn about Korean culture. So over the last four years, I’ve been compiling my own list. That’s what I’ll be sharing through this blog.

I plan to have a short post each day for the next year (maybe longer, we’ll see) with every day of the week dedicated to a certain topic. When the day is a holiday, the normal schedule will be interrupted and that day’s post will be dedicated to the holiday.

Here’s the schedule I’m hoping to keep:
Sunday- Food (including recipes, suggestions about cookbooks, etc.)
Monday- Places to See (including sites and travel tips)
Tuesday- Language (including words and phrases families can use, and Web sites that can help you learn)
Wednesday- Books (both fiction and nonfiction for adults and kids)
Thursday- Culture (things that are unique to Korea)
Friday- Television and Movies (again both for adults and children)
Saturday- Whatever Comes Up (including educational resources, other blogs, and anything that doesn’t seem to fit in the other categories)

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to try to answer them. Just post a comment and I’ll get back to you.

My prayer is that this blog becomes a resource for adoptive families, making it easier to delve into the Korean culture. We’re enjoying our journey and hope you enjoy following along.


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