Korean Language Lessons for Beginners

This language resource is a Web site. It’s the Korean Lecture Series, Korean Lessons for Beginners.

I must admit that I just found this site, but I’m very excited about it. I’ve done the first lesson in chapter one and thought it was well put together an easy to understand.

The series is just starting. I believe the first lesson was posted in February. Each lesson has a summary, video presentation, PowerPoint presentation, and more. The instructor is using a text book, but with the video presentation, the text book isn’t necessary if you take good notes.

In the first lesson, the instructor says that he hopes to complete the course in five months. As of this posting, there are four lessons available all in chapter one.

One prerequisite to beginning this course is to know hangul, the Korean alphabet. Hangul is pretty easy to learn since it consists of 24 basic characters. On the right side of the course Web page is a link to another site that will assist you in learning the alphabet.

The first lesson was about 4o minutes long. Since that’s all I’ve completed so far, I’m not sure if the other lessos will run a similar length.

This site will help you with sentence construction and learning the grammer of the Korean language. Some future language posts will be geared to sites that teach words or phrases to get you started speaking some Korean right away.


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