A Song Every Korean Knows

The culture category is going to include a little bit of everything. Today I wanted to introduce a song that I’ve heard every Korean knows. Children’s songs are such a part of a cultural consciousness so I thought it would be great if our son could learn these songs. And he does know a couple now.

Plus I believe adoptive parents can use these songs to help easy the transition for Korean adoptees who are newly home. I couldn’t sing any of the songs when our son came home, but we did listen to a Korean children’s CD over and over.

First, I’ve included a link to a YouTube video of four Korean women singing this song and using the hand gestures that go with it. Next I’ve included the lyrics in hangul, romanized (using English letters), and translated into English. Happy singing!

산토끼 (San Tokki)

First Verse:
산토끼 토끼야 어디를 가느냐
깡총깡총 뛰면서 어디를 가느냐
Second Verse:
산고개 고개를 나혼자 넘어서
토실토실 알밤을 주워서 올테야

First Verse:
San-toki, toki-ya
Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?
Kang-choong, kang-choong tee-myun-suh
Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?
Second Verse:
San-go-gae go-gae-reul
Nah-hon-jah nuhm-uh-suh
to-shil to-shil ahl-bahm-eul
Joo-wuh-suh ol-tae-yah
First Verse:
Mountain bunny, bunny
Where are you going?
Bouncing, bouncing as you’re running.
Where are you going?
Second Verse:
Over the mountain peaks, peaks
I will climb them on my own
Plump, plump chestnuts
I will find and bring

One thought on “A Song Every Korean Knows

  1. My mom is Korean. When i was younger we used to sing it along with the hand motions. It was one of my favorite songs growing up 🙂

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