Watch Out! They’re Addictive!

Korean dramas, that is. My husband and I started watching Korean dramas last summer, after I stumbled upon a series at our local library. Little did we know as we put in that first episode that our evenings would be consumed the rest of the summer. In fact, we enjoy them so much that we were actually sad when the fall season of American television started because it interrupted our Korean drama viewing.

Since last summer we’ve watched about five series and we’re beginning our sixth. Only one of those six did we not finish. Not sure what it was about that one series, but it just didn’t hold our interest. Now it’s hard to believe that we ever balked at reading subtitles.

We recommend Korean dramas for a couple of reasons. First, they give insight into the culture. Yes, of course, it’s TV, not real life, but the story lines are based on life in Korea, just as American television has a base in life here. Second, viewing these shows is a great way to pick up the language. Before long, you”ll know a few words and phrases just by hearing them again and again while watching.

As posts in this category continue, I’ll recommend series we’ve enjoyed, as well as discuss some Korean children’s shows for your kids to enjoy. But in this first post in the category, I thought I’d just recommend Korean dramas and give you some places to find them.

If you’re interested in watching on your television, Netflix has a nice collection of Korean dramas and films. The one drawback to Netflix is that the Korean television series can be hard to find through a search of the site. Searching by name of actor in the series is one way to go about it. Also, if you live in an area with any size Korean population, you might want to check your local library. If you don’t have a selection in the local catalog, see if you can get a series through an interlibrary loan.

If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can watch Korean dramas online too and most of the sites are free. The official site for Korean dramas is

But here are a couple of other ones to check.

And KoreanDrama is a site where you can find synopsis of series and other information, such as how many episodes are in the series.


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