Teach Me Language Series

I’ve read that many experts feel that one of the best way to introduce a new language to children is through song. Our son’s a musical sort of fellow anyway so we’ve found this to be true.

One series that uses this method is Teach Me Tapes (www.teachmetapes.com). They currently have three volumes of Korean language books available. We have Teach Me More Korean and Everyday Korean, and I’ve been looking at the Teach Me Korean and More Korean combined edition.

Once thing I like about the original two volumes (Teach Me Korean and More Korean) are the teacher’s guides that are available. I have the one for More Korean, and I think it expands how you’re able to use the CD. The teacher’s guides have vocabulary lists and activities to use in conjunction with the CD. The only drawback I see of these teacher’s guide is that everything is romanized. I would like to see the vocabulary lists, in particular, be included in both hangul and romanized versions.

And a plus to getting the combined version of the original two books–part, if not all, of the teacher’s guides are included with the coloring books and CDs.

Also, if you have any questions about this series, I’ve found customer service through the Web site to be very helpful.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to start your child learning Korean, you might want to try this out. Just listening to it in the car driving around town could lead to your child picking up some Korean words or songs.

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