Experience Old Korea at the Korean Folk Village

Well, all I can say is “oops!” This weekend things didn’t go as planned and a scheduled post for Saturday never went up (not sure why) while Sunday my busy life interfered with the blog. So today I’m putting the past behind me and getting back on schedule.

In 2006 when we traveled to pick up our son, I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about Korea or its history. But as a history buff, I loved visiting the Korean Folk Village. In the last four years, I’ve learned more about Korean history and can’t wait to visit this village again.

The Korean Folk Village is located in the city of Yongin outside of Suwon, which about an hour by train from Seoul. The village consists of 168 traditional Korean houses, many which have been relocated to the property. The structures represent different regions of Korea, different socioeconomic classes, and different time periods.

Performers bring Korean history alive as they demonstrate various domestic arts (pottery, basketmaking, etc.), dances, music, and entertainment from Korea’s past. We saw a traditional wedding ceremony, a farmer’s dance with drums and ribboned hats, and traditional seesawing (which is nothing like the American version of the seesaw).

Since our primary reason for being in the area was visiting the hospital where our son was born, we only had a couple of hours at the Korean Folk Village. That wasn’t nearly enough. We saw a lot of the village, but walked through quickly to get in as much of it as we could. While we did get some great photos that now decorate our home, hopefully when we go back we’ll be able to savor our time there and shop!


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