–Help with Important Phrases

If you’re looking to learn a few phrases in Korean to get  you started learning the language, I’d recommend

What I love about this site is that you get both audio lessons and accompanying PDFs of the lessons. The PDFs have both hangul and romanized phrases to help with pronounciation and learning to associate certain sounds with certain hangul characters.

The first 10 lessons are free, and I believe you can sign up for a free account and gain access to another five lessons. There are 60 lessons in all, although I can’t vouch for the paid-access only lessons since I have yet to do that.

The free lessons, however, will get you started by helping you learn phrases like “thank you,” “hello,” and “where’s the bathroom.”

Also, if you use iTunes or have an iPod, the free lessons are available in podcast form as well.

So, 화이팅! (The narrator says this as a form of “good luck” throughout the series.)


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