To Swim Across the World

Last week I featured a children’s book by Frances Park and Ginger Park. This week, I’m featuring the novel they wrote for adults. Like the children’s book, this one is based on their family’s story.

To Swim Across the World delves into the lives of Sei-Young Shin, a man from a poor family that lives in the southern part of Korea, and Heisook Pang, a woman from a wealthier family that lived in the north. Readers see the lives of the families under the Japanese occupation, then through World War II and after, and experience a love story in the midst of oppression and heartache.

I loved this book. After reading it, I felt that I had such a better understanding of the complex and difficult history of Korea. It doesn’t seem that there a lot of novels about Korea out there, especially for adults. But even if there were vast amounts of novels on the subject, I feel this one would stand out.


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