So you’ve already learned about the obsession my husband and I have with Korean dramas. Well, our son has an obsession of his own–it’s Pororo, the Little Penguin

Since this cute little guy has yet to be imported into the U.S., many here don’t know about Pororo. But I bet every toddler and preschooler in Korea is familiar with him and his set of friends. The show debuted in Korea in 2003, and now you can find just about anything with this character’s mug on it. For Christmas our son got a Chutes and Ladders game featuring Pororo and his friends.

The show is somewhat unique in the preschool genre since it isn’t really educational in nature. Pororo, 4, and his friends (Crong, Petty, Loopy, Eddy, Poby, and Harry) do what preschoolers do–they play, use their imaginations, and sometimes fight over toys. It’s a show that preschoolers definitely relate to.

Our H-Mart has some Pororo DVDs for purchase, as well as lots of Pororo merchandise, but we mostly watch the videos on YouTube. (Since Pororo isn’t licensed in the U.S. yet, it’s legal to post the videos but they will go away once the show is licensed here.) You can just go to YouTube and search for Pororo and will get a whole list of shows. But our favorite YouTube channel for Pororo is this one. It currently has about 27 episodes and they’re all well labeled with the episode number. In the general YouTube search, you can find episodes with English subtitles and dubbing or even some dubbed in Spanish. But we prefer to watch them in Korean. It’s another way to expose our son to the language and he is learning.

Just yesterday as our son was watching Pororo, he looked up and said, “Mom, they said ‘bi haeng gi’.” I said, “What does that mean?” and he said, “It means plane, Mom.”

So check out Pororo with your preschooler–it just might be the beginning of an obsession.


2 thoughts on “Pororo

  1. Pororo is great. My Korean is so poor but I can understand a good amount of what they say. And even if you can’t understand what they’re saying it’s still entertaining to watch. Needless to say my son loves it as well. 🙂

  2. How cool that your son is learning Korean this way! Hmmm… I might have to go back to watching this. Watched one, but I also love the K-dramas and hate to spend the time I could be watching them with watching a cartoon. However, I do want to learn Korean. Would your son teach me? 🙂 Kids learn so quickly it makes me jealous.

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