Day at the Museum–National Museum of Korea

This is one of many, many things we missed when we traveled to Korea in 2006. We had only three days–one day was spent traveling to our son’s birth city and the other two involved meetings at our adoption agency. So our “to see” list for our next visit to Seoul is pretty long, and the National Museum of Korea is definitely on it.

Gyeongcheonsa Pagoda, made in 1348, stands 10-stories high in the lobby of the National Museum of Korea.

The museum holds several collections, including an archaeological collection, a historical collection, and a couple of fine arts collections. So you can see ancient documents and artifacts that date back several centuries, including duck pottery that dates to the third century. You can see photos of these collections on their web site.

I think I’ve admitted before that I’m a history buff so if you’re not, this may not be as exciting to you as it is to me. And you may be thinking, “What are my kids going to do?”

Well, the museum also offers a Children’s Museum. It’s a hands-on museum and kids can explore up-close (meaning they can touch)Ā replicas of the items housed in the National Museum of Korea. There are different sections of the Children’s Museum, covering housing, farming, war, music, and more.

OK, after exploring the Web site, I think I may be more excited about the Children’s Museum. After watching historical dramas, movies, and reading historical novels, I can hardly wait to some more of Korea’s history close up.


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