Foods of the Korean Royal Court

Continuing with our Dae Jang Geum theme this week, today’s food post features dishes served to the Royal Court in Korea. As I said, Jang Geum begins her service to the royal family in the kitchen when she’s just a young girl. So food plays a prominent role in the series, especially in the early episodes.

Today’s recipe is Heavenly, or Gungjung, Tteokbokki. On the streets of Seoul today, you’ll can find tteokbokki vendors abound. But the modern version, while still tasty, is seasoned with red pepper paste and therefore pretty spicy. This version is seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil so it’s tasty but not spicy. I found the recipe at Chowhound.

Since I haven’t tried this recipe yet, and so haven’t many any adjustments to it, I’ll just provide the link. You’ll find Gungjung Tteokbokki here. Originally I found a mention of this dish at But this recipe is less specific about amounts to use of each ingredient so I thought I should provide a more detailed recipe. And here’s a Korean food blog that includes photos and the recipe this blogger used for this dish.

If you’re interested in trying other Korean Royal Court foods, here are some links to other a couple of other recipes.

Goojeolpan (Wraps with Eight Stuffings) Korean Royal Dish
Sinseollo, food of the mountain gods

These recipes were found at Chowhound. There I found a posting about Korea’s Royal Court cuisine. In addition to the two links above, it includes links to some banchan (sidedish) recipes that could accompany these dishes.


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