Pimsleur Korean Course

I’m always looking for ways to learn more of the Korean language. My latest endeavor is the Pimsleur Language Programs’ short course, which I checked out from our library. The short course consists of eight 30-minute lessons. Our library has the Playaway version. It didn’t come with any written lesson notes so I’m not sure if a purchased would come with that or not.

The premise of Pimsleur courses is to get you talking right away because after all, that’s how you learned to speak English–by listening and repeating what you heard. So the very first lesson starts with a conversation in Korean that you listen to. After hearing each sentence individually, the conversation is broken down word for word; you listen to each word and repeat it. Then the narrator asks you to begin putting together sentences with the words you’ve learned.

My only real complaint with the course is that there are no notes with the words/sentences/conversations written in hangul. I know the aim of the course is to get you speaking Korean, but since some of the characters have similar sounds, I think it would be easier to see the word in hangul, as well as hear it pronounced.

Plus I’m a visual learner. I’ve begun taking my own notes but as I listen I’m only able to write the words in romanized Korean. I have, however, figured out that I can take my learning to the next level by trying to write out the Korean words in hangul, then checking my dictionary to see if I’m right. I guess I’m geeky that way.

As with some of the other language resources I’ve highlighted so far, it’s easy to work this course into your day since the lessons are only about 30-minutes long. For a mom of a busy 4-year-old, that’s a definite plus.

1 thought on “Pimsleur Korean Course

  1. Hi,

    I have the same problem! Figuring out how to write “한국어 하실 수 있습니까” was trickier than expected. Best of luck with your endeavors!


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