2009 Lost Memories

Since discovering Korean television, we haven’t watched many Korean films. But when we were watching them, there were several that we’d recommend. Today’s recommendation is 2009 Lost Memories.

This film depicts an alternate future in which Korea was never liberated from Japanese occupation. The main characters are Japanese Bureau of Investigation agents, one of Korean decent, named Sakamoto, and the other Japanese descent. They are trying to solve a case involving a pro-Korean terrorist group that is trying to steal an archaeological artifact. Since Sakamoto speaks Korean and can communicate with the terrorists he plays a large role in the investigation until it’s discovered that his father once had ties to the terrorist group. He continues investigating on his own and discovers that history is not what it should be. Then he sets about restoring it.

It’s a thriller with a historical twist. We really enjoyed it. If you’re not very familiar with Korean history, you might want read over the Wikipedia entry. Near the bottom of the entry there is a list of historical differences.


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