Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Table

 OK, so this post isn’t strictly a Korean resource, but it’s really cool and I just had to share it with you.

Since a few of the Korean holidays are based on the lunar calendar, they fall on different dates (and sometimes in different months) each year on the Gregorian calendar. A simple Internet search on that holiday usually yields the Gregorian dates, but there was one Korean holiday that I was having a hard time finding the Gregorian date for.

That’s when I found this table. Using it you can convert the lunar date into the Gregorian date. The Web address for it is (it’s on the Hong Kong government Web site).

So if you know, for example, that Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) is the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, you can use the table to find which date it will be on the Gregorian calendar this year.

There are five Korean holidays that are calculated with the lunar calendar. They are Seollnal (lunar new year), Tae bo rum (first full moon festival), Buddha’s birthday/Lotus Lantern Festival, Dano (spring festival), and Chuseok. Tae bo rum and Dano are lesser known/celebrated holidays. I’ll blog about each holiday according to when it falls on the Gregorian calendar this year.


3 thoughts on “Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Table

  1. Thank you so much for the link! I have a family member that only knew his lunar birth date and it was hard to keep track every year since the date changes. Now we know what the actual gregorian calendar date was!

  2. The Korean lunar calendar and the Chinese lunar calendar differ. Nowadays, if you live in Korea and bought your cell phone here, it has both dates and moves back through historical dates and forward.

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