Words and Phrases

I wish that I’d know more Korean when our son came home. We’d been learning for the three months prior to going to Korea, but we only knew a little bit.  That’s why I’ve started compiling a list of Korean words and phrases that families can use. 

The one draw back to my list is that since I’ve gathered them from several different sources I don’t have audio files of how they are pronounced. The romanization I’ll provide is written as they would be pronounced, not how the words would actually be romanized. And I’ve included the hangul so you can use some of the other resources I’ve posted already to help with your pronunciation. 

I love you.                      사랑해요.            (Sah rahng hay yo) 

Yes.                                   네.                         (Nay) 

No.                                    아니요.                 (Ahneeyo) 

Thank you.                     감사합니다.        (Kahm saw hahm nee da) 

Let’s go.                           가자                       (kah jah) 

Hurry.                             빨리빨리              (bah lee bah lee, said quickly together) 


Are you hungry?         배고파요?            (Bae go pah yo?) 

I’m sorry.                       미안합니다.         (Me ahn hahm nee da) 

Note: One other thing to know about the Korean language is that the same sentence can be either a question or a statement based on the intonation of how you say it. For example, if you say  배고파요? with a rise in your intonation at the end, it’s a question asking the person “Are you hungry?”. But if you say it without the rise in intonation, it means “I am hungry.” So the question and the answer are said the same in some cases.


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