Save Your Last Dance for Me

I must admit that I came to this Korean drama through the “crush” I have on Kang Ji Hwan, who played Jae Hee in “Be Strong, Geum-Soon.” Actually his part in Save Your Last Dance for Me is very small, and over before the series really gets started, but the series was so good that I didn’t even mind.

This one is about Eun Soo, a young woman who runs a bed-and-breakfast type inn out in the country with her father. One night on the way home, Eun Soo and her father come across a man who has been stabbed and apparently pushed off a cliff. They take him to the hospital and then continue to care for him in their home. The man has no memory of who he is, so they give the name Chang Ho. After he recovers, he helps around the inn and he and Eun Soo fall in love.

Then through a series of crazy events, Chang Ho is kidnapped and hits his head again, this time forgetting everything he’s experienced since his previous loss of memory. Everything, including Eun Soo. He’s back to his normal life, and she’s heartbroken. Until she sees a man who she believes is Chang Ho, and changes her whole life to see if she’s right.

This one has romance, revenge, friendship, and devotion. Plus the soundtrack is one of my favorites!


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