Words and Phrases–Family Words

Last week’s word and phrases post was a hodge-podge of things. I decided these language posts would be easier if I focused on a theme, so this week it’s words for family members. Again in paranthesis are the pronounciations of the words, not how they would be romanized into English.

I want to give a special thanks to some friends who helped with this post. This couple, who have family ties in Daegu, looked over my list, making some additions and correcting the pronounciation. Thanks again!

Family                         가족                       (kajoke)

Daddy                          아빠                        (ah-pah)

Mommy                     엄마                         (uh mah)

Brother (older of a boy)       형              (hyung)

Brother (older of a girl)       오빠              (oppa)

Sister (older of a boy)         누나                  (noon na)

Sister (older of a girl)           언니                 (uh nee)

Younger sibling                    동생                  (dongsang)
nam is added in front of dong sang for younger brother
yeo is added in front of dong sang for younger sister

Grandmother (paternal)         할머니                   (hahl mo nee)

Grandmother (maternal)        외할머니             (way hahl mo nee)

Grandfather (paternal)           할아버지               (hah rah buh jee)

grandfather (maternal)           외할아버지        (way hah rah buh jee)

Aunt (maternal)               이모                      (ee mo)

Aunt (paternal)                고모                       (gomo)

Uncle (paternal)                삼촌                     (sahm chon)

Uncle (maternal)              외삼촌                 (way sahm chon)

Cousin                                   사촌                     (sah chon)

You can find many of these words pronounced on the this Multimedia Dictionary site. The address is: www.indiana.edu/~koreanrs/kordic.html. On the right side of the site, you’ll see a Categories list. Under it are Family 1 and Family 2. Each of these is set up with a family tree. Family 1 includes the family words that would be used by a boy; Family 2 are the words that would be used by a girl. [Note: This site doesn’t use the words I’ve used for parents. Instead of the more informal Appa and Umma, which I’ve used, this site uses the more formal Ahbuji and Omoni.]


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