Mu Guk (무국), aka beef radish soup

I know, I know; enough with the soups already. Is that what you’re thinking? Well, soups are a huge part of the Korean diet and my son and I happen to love them (hubby’s OK with them but just isn’t a soup guy). So here goes another one:  무국 (pronounced moo gook).

This one I haven’t tried making yet because I actually just got the recipe this past week. Mu guk is probably my son’s favorite soup that is served at the Korean restaurant we frequent. He’s been asking me to make it at home, but I was having no luck in finding a recipe. So this past week, I described the soup on Facebook and a discussion board I’m on and asked if anyone knew what soup I was talking. And my friends came through for me!

In response to my question, The Korean did a blog post about the soup including photos of the ingredients and the recipe.

One fellow adoptive mom suggested this recipe:

The mu guk served at our favorite Korean restaurant doesn’t have beef in it and I’ve wondered if they use an anchovy stock as the base. So another fellow adoptive mom found this recipe, which both uses anchovy stock and omits the beef.

Once we get back from a short vacation, I plan to start trying these recipes. I usually try out a couple and see which taste we like the best. As much as we like soup, I suspect that Little Man and I would eat soup for lunch, even in the summer.

And a follow-up: A few weeks ago I posted a link to recipe for Heavenly Dukbeokki. Well I finally made it this past week, and YUM! My whole family enjoyed it. We made it with pork and omitted the mushrooms (none of us are fans). I absolutely recommend that one!


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