Korean Cultural Service NY

If you live in or near New York, this is a resource you should know about–the Korean Cultural Service NY. But, even if you don’t live in the area, please read on because there’s something for you too.

The Korean Cultural Service hosts cultural and academic activities to broaden understanding of Korea and Korean-U.S. relations. These activities include film screenings, art exhibits, traditional music and dance events, youth activities, sporting events, and more. Later this week the service will host a lecture on Royal Cuisine with the consultant who worked on Dae Jang Geum. Boy, would I love to be at that one! And this summer the service will host a week-long cultural day camp.

And while those opportunities sound really cool, the Korean Cultural Service can still be a resource for you even if you don’t live in the New York area. The “About Korea” page of the service’s Web site has a plethora of information about everything from history and geography to symbols of Korea and the arts.

I especially love the Symbols of Korea page. From there you can learn more about traditional dress, pottery, Korea’s printing heritage, paper crafts, ginseng, and traditional musical instruments. Maybe I’ll use this page as guide for future Culture posts.

So whether you’re close enough to take part in the actual activities or just looking over the Web site, the Korean Cultural Service can  be a great asset to your family.

The Web site address is www.koreanculture.org or if you’d like to jump right to the Symbols of Korea page that address is www.koreanculture.org/06about_korea/symbols.htm.


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