Eat Your Bap

 As you can probably tell, our family loves Korean food. So I’m always searching for new recipes and cooking resources to help me increase my repertoire of Korean cooking. During one of my many Internet searches, I found this blog:

Started just a year ago this month, this blogger focuses on the recipes for Korean foods that were her favorites growing up. You’ll find galbi, seaweed soup, kimchi fried rice, and more. The dak guk recipe that I use is based on the one found at Eat Your Bap.

It’s a good go-to site when you’re looking for something tasty to try. Next up I’m planning to try the saengsun and hobak jun (생선전 & 호박전), aka pan-fried fish and zucchini. Sounds like something my southern U.S. taste buds would really enjoy.


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