Words and Phrases–Everyday Expressions, No. 1

 So this week’s words and phrases are expressions used everyday by parents and children. We’ve been trying to work on using these words and phrases more as we go about our day. Remember the words in parenthesis are the pronunciations, not how the word would romanized into English.

Hello/Good Morning.              안녕하세요?        (Ahn yong hah say yo?)

Goodbye.                                      안녕히 가세요     (Ahn yong hee kah say yo.)
(to person leaving)

Goodbye.                                      안녕히 계세요.    (Ahn yong hee kay say yo.)
(to person staying)

Good night.                                 안녕히 주무세요   (Ahn yong hee joo moo say yo)

Can I have a kiss?                    뽀뽀해요                (Po po hay yo?)

Excuse me                                 실례지만                 (Shil lay gee mahn)
(when interrupting or asking for something)

Excuse me                                실례하겠습니다      (Shil lay ha geh ssŭm nee da.)   
(when trying to get past someone)

You’ll find some of these pronounced on the Multimedia Dictionary site that I noted last week. The address is www.indiana.edu/~koreanrs/kordic.html. The first greetings listed here (hello, goodbye, and good night are on there).

The first Words and Phrases post (on May 4) has some of the other everyday phrases listed. On that one are I love you, Thank you, Yes, No, Let’s go, Hurry, Are you hungry?, and I’m sorry.


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