The Way Home

What happens when a city kid is sent to live with his grandmother in rural South Korea? A series of interesting exchanges, even when the grandmother doesn’t speak.

In the film The Way Home, Sang Woo’s single mother is struggling to make ends meet. So she decides to leave Sang Woo, 7, with her mother, who lives in a rural village. Sang Woo isn’t happy about the move. At first he basically ignores his grandmother and is content to occupy himself with the things he brought from home, such as roller blades and video games. He’s selfish, angry, and disrespectful in the beginning.

But over time, he softens toward his grandmother who is devoted to Sang Woo and shows limitless patience with him. In the end Sang Woo comes to understand what family really is.

The Way Home is a touching film. But be warned, it’s not a fast-paced movie. Set in rural South Korea, the film’s pace mimics the pace of life in the country. Despite the slower pace, it’s a film well worth watching.


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