Language programs are so expensive to buy. I know many people who really like the Rosetta Stone program, but find it cost prohibitive to purchase.

Well, if you’re one who likes the setup of the Rosetta Stone program, I recommend ( This free language Web site works a lot like the Rosetta Stone–using photos to help you learn new words as you hear the word pronounced and see it written in hangul.

The Korean 101 course has three units to it. Each unit has five to six lessons, plus there are flashcards you can load, and an extra practice page. Another plus to this language site is it allows you to make friends who are native speakers of the language you’re trying to learn. Via Web cam, you can talk with your friends giving you additional practice and often allowing them an opportunity to practice their English.

As with almost all language programs, it helps if you are familiar with the Korean alphabet before you start.


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