Korean for Kids Flash Cards

A couple of years ago when I started looking for Korean language resources for our son, it seemed like there was very little out there. Now there’s more than I can afford to buy. Sadly, I’ve yet to add today’s product to my collection, but I’m sure it will be purchased in the not too distant future.

Today I’m featuring Korean for Kids Flash Cards and More Korean for Kids Flash Cards. Both of these sets are done by Laura Armitage. Armitage taught for four years in middle and high schools in Seoul.

Korean for Kids has 64 flash cards, which feature words about family, numbers, colors, food, and more. Most importantly this set comes with a CD so you can hear how the words are pronounced. In addition to pronunciation, the CD includes sample sentences and Korean songs to add learning. And the set also comes with a 16-page booklet and a wall chart.

More Korean for Kids Flash Cards provides 64 more Korean words. This one also comes with a CD, booklet, and wall chart.

The publisher of these sets is Tuttle. I have seen flash card sets in other language by this publisher at our local Borders bookstore, but our store does not carry the Korean sets. However, you can find the online at www.littleseouls.com.


1 thought on “Korean for Kids Flash Cards

  1. Since you’ve reviewed this flash card kit, Tuttle has published more Korean-related Children’s books (listed below). Please let me know if you are interested in receiving any of them for review.

    Korean Children’s Favorite Stories
    All About Korea
    My First Book of Korean Words
    Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairytale
    Korean Nursery Rhymes

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