“Shouts of Reds” with Big Bang and Kim Yuna

So last week we were eating at our favorite Korean restaurant when we saw a TV report about the upcoming World Cup including a snippet of a music video that had Kim Yuna doing a cool dance. When we got home, I started Googling and found that it was the 2010 World Cup victory song for South Korea.

The slogan, “Shouts of Reds, United Korea” was created by the Korea Football Association, Hyundai Motor, and Red Devils fan groups through an open contest. Then Hyundai got Big Bang, a Korean pop group, to be part of the company’s “Hyundai: Shouting Korea” campaign by singing the “Shouts of Reds” song with help from the most popular celebrity in Korea, Kim Yuna, 2010 Olympic figure skating gold medalists. At the end of the song another group, Trans Fixion, joins in.

The Shouts of Reds bigbang MP3 | Music Codes

This song has become an obsession at our house. My son has even learned how to work the iPod just so he can play this one over and over. He loves the music video too, and is trying to learn the Shouting Korea dance.

You can start your very own Shouting Korea obsession. The place to start is the Hyundai Shouting Korea Web site. This site has just about everything: a breakdown of the dance moves, “movie” clips that were released as teasers leading up the song and video release, and the video itself. Those items are in a large box at the top of the page and fairly easy to access. The rest of the site, which is in Korean, might be a little harder to navigate. You’ll find the site at http://worldcup.hyundai.com/playg/ShoutingKorea.html?wt_event=worldcup&wt_site=daum&wt_location=daum_worldcup01.

But if you have trouble with the Hyundai site, I believe all or almost all of the same items appear on YouTube.com. Just search the site using Big Bang and Kim Yuna and you’ll find them. The actual music video is usually marked with an MV in the title.

Of course, having the song is a must for this obsession. You can download it:

And naturally, you’ll want to know what they are singing and what it means. So at the following Web address (www.nautiljon.com/paroles/big+bang/the+shouts+of+reds+pt-2+-ft-+kim+yuna.html), you’ll find the lyrics, both romanized Korean and translated.

This blog entry (www.kpoplive.com/2010/05/15/big-bangs-hyundai-shouting-korea-story-clips/#more-17011) gives you an idea of what’s going in the teaser “movies.”

And if you’re interested in hearing the victory songs used for South Korea in the previous two World Cups, you can find them at this blog.

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