Korea Football Association

So did you watch South Korea’s first World Cup game this morning? Our family did, even though it meant getting up at 5:15 a.m. And what a game. South Korea dominated and won 2-0 against Greece.

Our son has a poster of Park Ji Sung, one of Korea’s most well-known players, in his room. So it was cool for him to see Park Ji Sung score a goal, the second one of the game. If you’re like us, now we’re wanting to know more about the team members.

A great resource for that is the Korea Football Association Web site (www.kfa.or.kr). Under the National Team tab at the top of the page, you’ll find a list of the players with jersey numbers, field position, and professional teams the guys play for when they aren’t on the pitch (soccer-ese for field) for the National Team.

Now we’re gearing up for the first U.S. game of this World Cup. Hopefully they’ll do as well South Korea did this morning.


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