Turtleship Tour

Soon visitors to Korea can take a historical nautical ride–on a turtleship. Many Westerners may not have heard of the turtleships, but they are famous in Korean history (more on that later).

Last year, Yeosu City invested millions in the building of a 42-ton, iron-plated replica of Admiral Yi’ Sun-sin’s warship, Geobukseon (거북선, literally turtleship). According to the Korea Tourism site, the boat will have a dragonhead cannon bow, a video room showing films about Yeosu’s history, a photo zone where passengers picture themselves in naval military costumes of the Joseun Dynasty, and a gift shop.

Yeosu City is home to the shipbuilder that constructed the original turtleship for Admiral Yi. The replica was scheduled to be completed this month. Once in service it can carry 309 passengers.

Yeosu is on the southern coast of South Korea. It’s approximately 191 miles from Seoul. The information I found said it’s about a five and half hour bus ride or a one hour flight from Gimpo Airport.

You can see an artists rendering of the ship at http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/FU/FU_EN_15.jsp?cid=983746,


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