Words and Phrases–Everyday Expressions, No. 2

This words and phrases post includes more expressions used everyday by parents and children. Again a big “kamsahamnida” goes out to Denise and her family for help with this post. Remember the words in parenthesis are the pronunciations, not how the word would romanized into English.

Note about “yo” (요): You’ll notice that several of the Korean phrases below have (요) at the end. This is pronounced “yo” and makes the sentence polite; it’s a word of respect. Generally, if a parent is speaking to a child, the “yo” is not needed and the sentence can be said without it. However, “yo” is a must when a child is speaking to a parent. So far in our house, we tend to put “yo” on the end since children learn by repeating what the parents say. But now that our son is older, we can probably drop the “yo” and begin to teach him the differences in polite and informal speech.

Sleep well, sweet dreams.  잘 자, 좋은 꿈 꿔  (jal ja, joh eun koom kwo

It’s OK.                                       괜찮아 (요)                  (kwen-chah-nah) (yo)

Don’t cry.                                   울지마                            (Ohl gee mah)

Be patient                                   참아                              (chah mah)

Be careful                                   조심해                          (cho seem hay)

I don’t know.                          모르겠어 (요)                (Mo rŭh gay suh) (yo)

I will be right back.          금방 갔다 올께  (요)   (Koombahng kah tah ol-kay) (yo)

Another way to say Goodnight and Sweet Dreams is 돼지꿈 꾸세요! (Dway gee koom koo say yo). But it’s said mainly to someone who has a big event or an exam the next day.


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