Korean Cultural Center (Los Angeles)

If you live in Los Angeles, or are visiting there, you might want to check out the Korean Cultural Center (5505 Wilshire Boulevard).

The center has cultural workshops, lectures/seminars, showings of Korean films, and affordable language programs.

And if you don’t have access to the center itself, the Web site (www.kccla.org/english_/home_.asp) is a wealth of information. The About Korea section has information about the country’s history, government, daily life, sports, and more. There’s also a Let’s Speak Korean section under the About Korea tab, which has phrases listed in both hangul and English.

The center in LA is part of the Korean Cultural Service, as is the one in New York (which was featured on this blog on May 22). In addition to the two centers in the U.S., the service has centers in several other countries, such as Russia, China, and Japan.


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