The Have a Good Day Cafe

Keeping with the food theme, I thought I’d blog about the picture book, The Have a Good Day Cafe by Frances Park.

Mike’s parents operate a food cart in the park, which as been successful. But when competition sets up nearby, their sales go down. In an effort to help his family, including his lonely grandmother who has newly arrived from Korea, Mike suggests that his family begin offering Korean food at their cart with Halmoni as the chef. The food is a hit and Mike’s family’s food cart is successful again.

This is such a cute story, written for early elementary school students. It introduces Korean food, like mandu, bulgogi, and more within the story. Then to further explain the foods and Korean words found within the book,  the end of the book offers definitions, pictures, and words written in hangul.


One thought on “The Have a Good Day Cafe

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