The Grand Chef

The Grand Chef is on our Korean drama “to watch” list, even though these dramas about food make me incredibly hungry as I watch them. Here’s what YA Entertainment’s Web site says about The Grand Chef.

Sung-chan’s (Kim Rae Won) father, the owner of Korea’s most prestigious restaurant, organizes a culinary competition to determine who will inherit his generations-old restaurant. As Sung-chan and his brother Bong-joo (Kwon Oh Joong, Damo) go head-to-head, foul play leads Sung-chan to bow out of the competition before the final event. Devastated, Sung-chan embarks on a journey across the country during which he discovers the true essence of Korean foods, flavors, and ingredients… and learns more about himself, his talents, and his royal heritage.

From what I’ve read this is a heavily male storyline, which I’m interested in seeing since so many of the drama’s we’ve watched have centered on female characters and/or love stories. And one description of the series notes that Sung-chan is actually the adopted son of the chef. Sounds interesting.


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