Chongdong Theater

I have to say I’m finding it ironic that I chose Monday as the day to highlight places to visit in Korea. If you’ve checked out almost any of the Web sites I’ve recommended, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of these places to visit are closed on Monday. That’s true for today’s place to visit; it’s the Chongdong Theater.

While we were in Korea, we considered going to Korea House for a Korean meal and traditional music and dancing performance. But our social worker recommended her favorite restaurant and the Chongdong Theater instead. And we weren’t disappointed.

The Chongdong Theater is located near Deoksugung Palace. When we visited the actual theater was being renovated so the performance we saw was done in a neighboring theater. The performance included various types of traditional Korea music and dance. My favorites were the drummers–both the line of the female drummers and the male drummers who ended the performance. It appears that the performance has changed some since our visit in 2006, but it doesn’t seem like it’s drastically different.

Since many visitors don’t speak Korean, translations of the performance are show on screens in English and other languages. The theater also offers traditional costumes that visitors can try on and take photos in. And for a few minutes after each performance, the musicians, dancers and singers come out to visit with the audience.

The performance was affordable, and we loved that we could buy a DVD of the performance to share with our son. He’s seen it a couple of times now and loves the drummers.

This is the theater’s official site:

And the Korean Tourism Web site has a couple of pages on the theater. This one includes more information about the performance itself. While the second one gives more information about the actual theater.


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