Kimchi Jeon (김치전)

I think I’ve mentioned that we aren’t the biggest fans of baechu kimchi (traditional cabbage kimchi). I’m beginning to acquire the taste, but my husband and son aren’t on board yet. So I met some resistance when I wanted to try kimchi jeon, basically a kimchi pancake, during a recent visit to our favorite Korean restaurant. Finally they gave in and guess what? They loved it.

After having it a couple of times now at the restaurant, I’ve decided kimchi jeon is a great introduction to the flavor of kimchi. It has the taste of Korea’s most common dish, but isn’t served cold. My husband isn’t a huge fan of cabbage to begin with so I don’t think serving it cold or at room temperature helps. The kimchi jeon is crispy and spicy, but even our little guy likes it. Beware though, if you have leftovers it will get spicier each day it waits in the frig.

I haven’t tried making it at home yet. Since we don’t eat kimchi regularly, we don’t have any just sitting around. But I’m planning to get some just so I can make kimchi jeon. I found several recipes for the dish. The links to two of those recipes are below. Maangchi also has a recipe on her site.


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