Our family loves theme parks with Disneyland being our favorite. But I think our next trip to South Korea will have to include a visit to Everland. It’s the largest theme park in South Korea and is located in Yongin, which is near our son’s birth city and the same city were the Korean Folk Village is located (see March 29 entry).

The park is divided into five themed areas: Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure.

You’ll pass through Global Fair as you enter and leave the park. Here is where you’ll find souvenirs, food, and photos. Zoo-Topia is exactly what it sounds like–a zoo. It has a water ride and safari ride, as well as a petting zoo. European Adventure is an area filled with European foods and architecture. It’s home to the Mystery Mansion attraction. Magic Land has lots of rides, including a Ferris Wheel from which you can see the whole park, and has a portion dedicate to Aesop’s Fables. American Adventure has Wild West themed rides and an area dedicated to the 1950s and its music. Caribbean Bay water park is also part of Everland.

Coasters, kids’ rides, food, and characters. Sounds like a fun time for the family. You can find more information at Everland’s official Web site: www.everland.com/MultiLanguage/english/


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