Have you ever heard the word “Konglish”? If you’ve read blogs or language sites very often, you probably have. Have you ever wondered what it meant?

Konglish is a mixing of the Korean and English languages. It can actually have several meanings. It can be the use of English words in a Korean context. Or words that are made from a combination of Korean words and English words.

And, as is the case in our family, it can mean Korean words that are used in sentences that are primarily English. As we learn new Korean words, we’ll use them in sentences.

Interestingly, Konglish is causing a further divide between North Koreans and South Koreans. As South Koreans incorporate more English words into their vocabulary, defectors from North Korea have trouble understanding the English words they aren’t familiar with. The same is true for those who live in rural South Korea versus those who reside in metropolitan areas.

Konglish has now become common enough to be considered a sublanguage.


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