I have a new favorite Korean language Web site. It’s

This site just started at the end of last year, so the lessons are still building. But even now you can learn hangul and advance through three levels of Korean. I love that this site includes audio so you can hear the pronunciation and has downloadable workbooks, which help you start associating the Korean letters with the sounds they make.

It’s definitely enough to keep us beginners busy for a while. Thanks!


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  1. anyong haesayo!! there any hangul learning websites for mobile phones???…which can accessed through mobiles?eh???
    please do reply;)

    • There are some apps that are available for smartphones. I’m most familiar with the iPhone. I have a link to one iPhone app that is Pororo flashcards. I have another one that’s my favorite. I’ll try to post about it very soon. In general I just search my app store and see what comes up.

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