Kimchi Mamas Book Club

So the Kimchi Mamas over at have started an online book club. The first book is finished; they read The Calligrapher’s Daughter, which I’ve recommended here earlier in the year. (If you’d like to read the Kimchi Mamas’ post about the first club book, you’ll find it here: If you have yet to read the book, beware of the spoilers in that post.)

Although I didn’t participate in this one (too much home improvement going on around here at that point), I love the idea of an online book. I’m fortunate enough to have a Korean-focused book club of adoptive moms in which I’m planning to participate in a neighboring city. But sometimes it’s hard to find like-minded individuals in your area who are interested in learning the same things you are. That’s one thing that makes the Web great.

So if you love to read and are interested in participating, check out the Kimchi Mamas book club. The next book hasn’t been announced yet so there’s plenty of time to jump in.


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