Noraebang (노래방)–You Might Call It Karaoke

Everyone’s heard of karaoke, right? But have you heard of “noraebang”? It’s the Korean-version of karaoke, only better in my opinion. Why? Because noraebang is done in private singing rooms. So you just embarrass yourself among friends, not a bunch of strangers.

Noraebang, 노래방, is translated song (norae) room (bang). We first saw noraebang while watching “Be Strong, Geum-Soon.” The family went out a couple of times to noraebang parlors as part of special celebrations. Since then we’ve seen it in shows as well. The pastime is hugely popular in Korea with people of all ages–from children to older adults.

In your private singing room you’ll likely find huge screens/TVs, karaoke machines, disco lights, sofas, tables, and thousands of songs to choose from. You can sing to your heart’s content and entertain your friends for hours at a time. Just remember, your friends will be around the next day to rib you about your performance.

This pastime appeals to me. I love to sing, as does our son. But I don’t like embarrassing myself. So I’m thinking we might have to do this when we’re in Korea next time. My husband says, Nope. We’ll see who wins.

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