Update: The Grand Chef

So not long after posting about The Grand Chef on July 9, we were able to get the series from the library. And I can’t recommend it enough. It’s now one of our favorites.

Also sometimes titled, Gourmet, The Grand Chef, or 식객 (Sik Gaek) in Korean, focuses on the competitive relationship of boys who have spent the last several years being brothers. Sung Chan came to live with owners of the restaurant, Unamjang, after his father died. When inheriting the restaurant is at stake, he and his brother Bong Joo become very competitive, but not always fairly.

As I suspected, I loved that this series focused on the male leads, especially Sung Chan. This character is someone you’d love your boys to aspire to be like. No matter how much the other side cheats or tries to undermine him, he rises above and does the right thing. He’s compassionate, caring, and goes out of his way to help others.

Another bonus is that Sung Chan travels around the country and as you journey with him, you’ll see the gorgeous scenery of Korea. Of course, this is another food series so if you love Korean food be prepared to be hungry as you watch it.

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