Open Letter to

Hyunwoo and all TTMIK teachers,

Here in the States, November is National Adoption Month. As loyal listeners and adoptive mothers of Korean children, we are putting in our “official” request to TTMIK to create a new lesson series focusing on Korean language activities that beginner-Korean parents can learn along with their children!

Research continues to show that, for a healthy life and identity, transracial adoptees should participate in activities related to their birth cultures. Language is the necessary building block for all the relationships that our Korean children will have with other Korean friends, teachers — and even with their own birth families. Korean adoptees who may take Korean language classes in their communities (if they are available at all) are often at an early disadvantage by not having a native Korean speaker at home. Even very young children can benefit from language-based games or rhymes (such as the Korean versions of “Paper, Rock, Scissors” or “London Bridge”). We would be happy to give you input as to lesson themes as the series progressed.

Our kids’ brains are at their most receptive to new languages right now! We encourage TTMIK to use their ingenuity and love of Korean language to develop this new language series and will be encouraging all the adoptive Korean families we know to send you similar messages in the month of November. We know you can do it, and do it well!


Amber Dorko Stopper and Amy Hardin Partain

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