Hong Gil Dong, the series

If you just say  Hong Gil Dong, it can mean a lot of things: the legend himself, the adult fiction book about the legend, children’s books, or even a feature film. But this post is about the K-drama, which was shown on KBS2 in 2008.

Hong Gil Dong, for those not familiar, is like the Korean version of Robin Hood. The illegitimate son of a government official, he’s not able to attain much in way of status given the situation of his birth. But eventually Gil Dong decides to face the injustices of the Korean society and do what he can to right things.

Although the Hong Gil Dong series is set as a historical drama, it has several modern elements too (a lot like the movie A Knight’s Tale, starring Heath Ledger), including modern music and dancing. It’s made up of 24 one-hour long episodes.

The subject interested me anyway, but I had to see this one because it stars Kang Ji Hwan, one of my favorite Korean actors. The series has action and romance, and I really enjoyed it. But, while I don’t want to give much away, the series ending left me a little confused and wanting more. Of course, that could be because I have to rely on subtitles to understand fully what’s going on and sometimes things are lost in translation. Still I would recommend checking this one out.

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