Yes, you read that title right. But Japanese, you ask. Isn’t this a blog about Korean language and culture? Yes, it is.

This blog ( has great language learning tips that can be applied to any language you’re learning. I know that established blogs can sometimes be overwhelming to start following. So one place to start with this blog is with the Best of AJATT list on the left side of the home page. As titled, this list links to some of the best posts, the ones that can get you started.

One philosophy this blog shares is “touching” the language you’re trying to learn as often as possible in a day. For example, as you’re working through a Korean language program, also listen to Korean music, watch Korean TV, use the words and phrases you’re learning as much as possible. Check out the “Critical Frequency” post for a more in-depth explanation.

Using this advice, my friend Amber has established a “points”-type system for her family as they learn Korean. She strives for 15 points (aka, touches with the Korean language) each day for herself, and eight points for each of her children. A lot of days they don’t get all of their points, but it’s great to have a goal to strive for and this is such a user-friendly way to keep up with your accomplishments.

Spend some time on this blog and I think you’ll come away with some great ideas to help your family learn Korean.


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