Jae ki Cha ki (재기차기), aka Korean Hacky Sack

A couple of months ago, during our Chuseok celebration, I tried to introduce several Korean games to our family. One of them was 재기차기 (jae ki cha ki), which is sometimes called the Korean version of hacky sack. But these sacks have a unique look. And they are super easy to make.

I found instructions to make them at this blog. http://theitineranthomeschooler.wordpress.com/2007/09/24/craft-of-the-week-hacky-sacks/

As you’ll see, they only require four or five items, all of which I had on hand. I did do a couple of things differently from what’s listed on the blog. We used felt (because it’s what we had), and I placed the rice in a snack-size zip-close baggie (just in case).

One other thing I did was attach our son’s 재기차기 to a wooden stick using a string. This makes it easier for the younger kids to kick. Our son had a blast kicking it around.

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