All I Want for Christmas…Big Bang

Our son loves Christmas and starts talking about it in September. He begins thinking about what he wants, which this year proved to be a very good thing for me. Because this year, our son decided to ask Santa for Big Bang (the Korean band) action figures.

If you’re a faithful reader of the blog, you’ll remember that our son, actually our whole family, discovered Big Bang thanks to the victory song they did for the South Korean World Cup team this past summer. And for our son, it’s grown into a slight obsession (not his only interest, but a big interest for sure). But after looking around the Internet, I deemed that Big Bang action figures didn’t exist, especially not in a place I could buy them. So my creative mind-set to work, and came up with a solution—I’ll make the figures myself.

Original Sulu action figure

Well, the transformation project that began in September was finally completed last night so I thought I’d share it with you. The first step was to find Asian action figures. Thanks to last year’s Star Trek remake, starring Korean-American John Cho as Sulu, that was easier than I expected. In fact, it wasn’t very expensive either since I found the figures at Big Lots for $5 each. After some consideration, I actually added one Spock doll since his hair more closely resembled TOP’s and was the hair I thought would be hardest to replicate.

Sanding the figures

Next came the transformation, which required a rotary tool (the only major purchase needed for this project). I sanded down the hair to more closely resemble the shape of each Big Bang member’s head and sanded the textured sleeve that was painted on the figures.

Then I painted their arms and added false eye lashes to four of the figures to replicate their haircuts. Since Taeyang has a mohawk, I simply sanded his head into that shape and painted his hair one.

Once the bodily transformation was complete, I had to sew five tiny shirts and paint Reds on them, since this was the outfit that our son said Big Bang action figures should be wearing. Thanks to advice and guidance from my friend, Amber, this part of the project, which initially terrified me, went really well.

Little Big Bang (left to right): G-Dragon, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung, and TOP

So now, thanks to a little elf, Santa has a very special delivery to make Christmas Eve. I filed this under the category of “Resources and More,” but maybe it should be under resourcefulness. I know not everyone is a creative spirit, but I thought I’d share anyway. Here’s wishing everyone a very happy holiday season.


2 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas…Big Bang

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  2. This is amazing! We spent a lot of time looking for Korean action figures for our son this year who loves to play with my husband’s old Ghostbuster figures. We didn’t think of looking for Sulu and settled instead for a set of Asian dollhouse figures. Way to use your resourcefulness!

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