Korean Lullaby

As most of you know we loved our trip to Korea in 2006 to pick up our son. Aside from not being able to find Suwon Bluewings gear, we got almost everything we’d wanted–both information and souvenirs.

Our son’s foster mom sang a lullaby for him and let us video it, which is something I’d been hoping to have. My thoughts were that I could learn it and it would be something familiar for him. I’d heard a few children’s songs during the flight to Korea, but the one she sang wasn’t familiar. When I asked what it was about, the social worker said “just a silly story about a dog.”

So we got home from the trip and a few days later I’d recovered enough to pop in the video tape to see the song and the baby games that the foster mom played with our son. But instead I found that we’d taped over a good part of our first meeting with some sightseeing the next day. After our meeting my husband had rewound the tape to see our son again but forgot to fast forward to the end of that meeting, so the next day when he started taping the sightseeing erased a good part of the meeting. (Yes, I was heartbroken, as was he, but he’s been forgiven. And our advice now is to take that tape out and put in a fresh one to hopefully avoid any mishaps.)

All of that to say that I believe this lullaby is the song our son’s foster mother sang to him. Yes, it’s been four years and I can’t verify it, but it sounds like the tune I remember and it’s about a dog.

You can hear the lullaby, with an accompanying cartoon, here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOV2TcmgEns&feature=player_embedded. This video has the hangul lyrics on it.

You can find the romanized lyrics and translation of the song here: www.transparent.com/korean/. It’s the December 17, 2010, post and it was posted under Korean Language and tagged Korean Lullaby.


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