Dumpling Soup

With the new year approaching, I thought I’d share a great book about the New Year’s celebration of a very multicultural family. It’s Dumpling Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan.

The story centers on Marisa, whose family lives in Hawaii. The family culture, however, is a mixture of Korean, Chinese, Anglo, Japanese, and Hawaiian. Korean mandu soup plays an important role in this story, and you’ll run across a few Korean words throughout.

I love the family’s mixed ethnicities and how they all come together to bring in the new year. I love all of the shoes on the front steps and how the girls use them to play. But most of all, I love how this story is about passing down traditions, which I think is a really important thing about family.

The story is based on the author’s childhood New Year’s experiences, which I also think is cool. This is a great book to include as part of your New Year holiday tradition.

Here’s a link to the author’s Web site and some of her comments about the book: www.jamakimrattigan.com/dumpling_soup_8849.htm


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