Sebae (세배), the New Year’s Bow

As with all holidays, Seollal is filled with tradition: traditional foods, traditional games, and traditional activities. One of those activities at Seollal is performing sebae (세배). Sebae is a deep formal bow of respect that the younger members of the family perform before the oldest members of the family. A well-performed sebae results in a gift of money from the older family members.

If you’re interested in starting this tradition with your family, here’s a site that can help. The Korea Tourism site has a show-and-tell page on how to perform sebae.

Boys and girls perform the sebae bow a little differently, but the site shows how both bows are done.

I think it’s a fun tradition and a rare chance for our boy to wear his hanbok. I actually found this site last year and our son loved practicing sebae. Being a year older, I’m sure he’ll be really good at it this year. Guess I should have the  money ready. 🙂


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