Trying to Catch Up

I’m trying to play catch up these days. Since I’d planned for this to be a “daily” blog, I had planned out posts over the course of a year to correspond with certain days. But I missed a lot of those, and because I really want there to be one post for every day of one calendar year, I’m back-dating some posts.

In an effort to make it easier for my regular readers to not miss new but back-dated posts, I’m adding categories to make these new posts easier to find. The posts will be categorized under their regular category (Language, Holidays, etc.) and they’ll be included under a category that is labeled NEW-Month Name. For example, I just posted a new language post, which you can find under Language and NEW-November.

In the end, there should be NEW categories for every month since August 2010, which is when I really fell off posting. I hope this post makes sense and helps you to find the new material that’s being back-dated. Enjoy!

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