Kites (연)

With the coming new year (seolnal), I’ve been thinking of the traditional activities of the day in Korea. And kites come to mind. Traditionally this is an activity that men and boys participated in on the new year.

Sometimes these activities even became kite fights. This fighter kite is unique in shape. Called a bang-pae yeon, or a shield kite, it’s a rectangle with a hole in the middle.

This site has a video and instructions for making a bang-pae yeon.

This is an activity we haven’t tackled yet. Living in an area of the U.S. that gets snow and some pretty cold temps in January and February, Seolnal isn’t the best time for us to try this activity. But I hope we can try it this spring when we have lots of wind. I’d love to hear comments from any readers who have made a kite. What are your tips or tricks for this project?


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