The Inspector O Series by James Church

So if you haven’t noticed already, I LOVE to read. Many people told me once you become a mom there’s not time for books. Well, at least for me, that’s not true; although often I only get to read for a few months right before falling asleep. Still, it’s something. When I got my Nook last fall, I did random searches on it for “Korea” and these books are just some of the many that came up.

The Inspector O Series by James Church follows North Korean Inspector O, who works in Pyongyang at the Ministry of People’s Security. They are fiction, of course, and fall under the mystery genre, which is one of my favorites. I’ve read the first two books in the series so are, which are A Corpse in the Koryo and Hidden Moon. O is a lovable character, and while the plots are complicated, there is humor spread throughout as well.

I’ve really enjoyed the series so far and I’m looking forward to the next two books. So if you enjoy mysteries, I’d recommend Inspector O.


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